One Small Step For Man

“Let our advance worrying become our advance thinking and planning.” – Winston Churchill

I remember that hot summer day, when we were all glued to our TV sets, watching history happen. Yes, July 1969 was the first time man walked on the moon. But as monumentous as that event was, there’s a bigger, more important event that occurred eight years earlier.

That’s when President John Kennedy made a speech to Congress and the nation about the need to put a man on the moon, important to us not only as a time in history, but as a model for setting mission.

Kennedy set on motion a plan so well defined that it would be accomplished even after his death. Kennedy said that,

• We would put a man on the moon
• And return him safely
• By the end of the decade

In later speeches he went on to explain our need to do this because it was man’s nature to explore the unknown, providing the emotional connection for motivation. “We choose to go not because it it easy, but because it is hard.”

This is important to us because it’s a great vision of action. All of us in radio, from the Mays family down, are well-served by this model of successful mission statement.

Next time you go through planning, pull out Kennedy’s speech and read it as well as the far more detailed analysis of it, and you’ll find yourself in a much more successful state.