Social Networking The Radio Way

Social media can be a bit like a bunch of people with megaphones blurting out their messages one-way. People will cover their ears (unsubscribe) and tune that out. Use social media to ‘listen’ to and learn more about your audience. – Brian J Carroll

This didn’t make the top stories. So maybe you missed Glen Beck filing a lawsuit against a web site. It seems a gentleman who didn’t appreciate Mr. Beck’s style started a site called, a parody site. Beck filed the suit because, ironically enough, of free speech issues.  And he lost.  Puts a new light on that Arguing With Idiots book title, doesn’t it?

But don’t take this as a politically charged article, it’s not. It’s about how pre-digital people and companies chafe at not being in control.

If I don’t like John Frost, I can start and he can’t do a thing about it. And frankly he shouldn’t!  It’s only when your brand is this clear and this successful that people react. Looking at it that way, a parody is a sign of success, and maybe something to aspire to. After all, true personality, like a true brand, is a double eyed sword. If you’re clear enough, some people won’t like it. On fact if no one is complaining or picking on you, you’re failing. The opposite of love isn’t really hate, it’s indifference.

The problem Glen Beck has is really one of who’s in control. We’re not on control anymore, and anyone with a computer and $25 can make fun of you. Your megaphone doesn’t work like you want. Get used to it and adapt, Mr. Beck.  You’ll have plenty of company as we all learn about how the consumer, in our case the listeners, are gaining control and becoming partners in the production of all forms of entertainment.