Fire Some Listeners!

“Firing the customers you can’t possibly please gives you the bandwidth and resources to coddle the ones that truly deserve your attention and repay you with referrals, applause and loyalty.”- Seth Godin

We are so funny sometimes.  We can have solid ratings, get rave revues, get a great research study, and still, when that one person calls to complain about what the morning show said, everything changes.  They need to be fired!

Usually the person calling and upsetting the apple cart isn’t worth the trouble.  They’re the people who listen to Howard Stern every morning so they can catch him doing something wrong, or the one that thinks your station isn’t family friendly enough, and so forth.  They’ll never be strong supporters of the station.

Meanwhile there are the 30% of your listeners that PPM says are delivering 70% of your AQH.  Those are the ones that you need to learn more about and concentrate on.  Obviously you need a healthy cume too, but the core listeners provide the difference between mediocre and success.

Should you pay attention to people who call with complaints?  Maybe.  But if the station is doing well, maybe not.  In my ultra-competitive past history I was known to hire people to call the competitor and complain.  Because of how we react, it drove them crazy.  So if your station is doing well, maybe you need to take a different direction.

Fire them!