Is Steve Jobs Learning From Radio?

“I think it’s a good thing that there are bloggers out there watching very closely and holding people accountable. Everyone in the news should be able to hold up to that kind of scrutiny. I’m for as much transparency in the newsgathering process as possible.” -Anderson Cooper

I am an Apple freak. Mark Ramsey once told me that if Steve Jobs had a kidney stone I’d order one in black. I like to think that I just appreciate the combination of simplicity and performance, design and function. It’s just a coincidence I’m writing this on an iPad.

But Steve Jobs recent performance on the video about the antenna problem could be the start of a serious problem. The iPhone 4 does have a problem, and it’s a big one. Maybe if it were on the Verizon network we could afford a little degradation, but it’s not. AT&T has a problem. The iPhone 4 has a problem, and all the logic and attempts to show everyone that it has a problem makes you look disingenuous. We all know there are problems. AT&T is playing catch up, and now you are too, Steve. You can’t blame the consumers for your problem (just hold it this way), any more than we can blame the listeners for radios challenge. We created out own problem, and so did you. It’s not the consumers (listeners) fault you’re having problems, and the more you try to make it so, the more ground you will lose.