Gentlemen, This Is A Football

“Gentlemen, this is a football.” – Vince Lombardi

Most of us are aware of this quote Lombardi gave to every player, at the start of every season.  It was Lombardi’s way of keeping his people focused on the basics.  But did you know that early in his coaching career he followed that with “And that’s the last you’re going to see of it for two weeks.”  Before the basics, he focused them on preparation.  They reviewed the plays, worked out the details, and got ready to earn the right to work with the ball.

I think we could learn from that.  We’re always ready to jump in and get something done.  Everyone else is on Twitter, so we’ve got to be on Twitter too.  Even if we aren’t sure how to use it, or what value we gain.  What would happen if we spent the time to learn about Twitter, and plan its part in your overall social network strategy.

That two weeks Lombardi took in preparation paid off for both he and his teams.  What could it do for you?