The Center Of Your Own Universe

“The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team.” – Coach John Wooden


Not that there are a lot of people in radio that consider themselves the star, but…

In basketball, radio, and life, what you are has largely to do with how you see those around you. That’s not limited to the highly rated talent or top billed either. There are plenty of PD’s and GM’s who think they’re the most successful part of the station too. They create all the ideas, they motivate all the people, they are the center of their universe.

But none of them got where they are alone, and none of them are successful today without the people around them.

I once heard someone say that everyone else is smarter at something. Even Steve Jobs knew that, and surrounded himself with people to complement him, not people like him. A pretty good sized ego came with Jobs, but he knew he didn’t know everything, and that others were strong where he was weak.

Take a look around you. If you’re successful it’s partly because of the team around you. If you’re not successful, by the way, it’s partly because of the people around you. Think about that when you’re ready to condemn someone else’s mistake or complain about your team’s weakness.