Talent and Teamwork

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”  – Michael Jordan


The Golden Globes were on last night.  The Foreign Press was recognizing different TV shows, writers, directors, leads, supporting casts and such.  These programs are, among other thinks, a tribute to teamwork.  Every award winning movie has a full compliment of people who made it happen.  It wasn’t just a writer, a director, or a single star.  It was all of them together.  Every star who won something recognized the other people who worked on the film.

Michael Jordan is a wonderful example.  No one would argue that he’s a great basketball player, but he understood that he couldn’t win a game solo.  He understood the value of teamwork, and appreciated the opportunity to shine the team gave him.

The same scan be said about successful radio stations.  It’s not just one individual who may be the star, but the entire team.  Experience has taught me the converse is true too.  The best, most successful stations become that way of a team, not an individual.

This post is for those that disagree, who most likely consider themselves the sole reason a station is successful.  They’re the ones who think they have all the good ideas.  They’re the ones that consider themselves the star of the station.  They’re the ones who are looking at an unhappy and lonely future.

You’re on a team.  Celebrate it.