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           Mouse Micromove Switch WK-01C

           Mouse Micromove Switch WK-01B

           Mouse Micromove Switch WK-01A

           Mouse Micromove Switch WK-04C

            Code Switches

           Touch Series

           PH-4A Series

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          Add: Kanle South Road West Street,Houjie Town Dongwan City Guangdong
          Tel: 86-755-29589900
          Fax: 86-755-29589955
          About Yueqing tengfei electronic Co. / about us
              The company was established in June,1987.It is a cooperatively managed enterprise,specialized in manufactruing electronic

          and electrical parts.In the past few years,we have produced sensitive switches,tact switches,connector series,potentiometers

          and other components which are used in video and audio equipments.Recently,we are engaged in producing sensitive switches

          which are used in computer mouse.Our products have been supplied to the foreign-invested enterprises and used in many

          famous brand computers,such as Dell,Samsung,IBM,Sonyand Microsoft,etc.At present,We are developing encoder and

          MP3parts.we have got a high reputation not only from China,but also from other countries for our high-quality products.

          The company covers an area of 10000 square metres,and the factory building covers 12000 square metres.

          It is located in Hongqiao Town,Yueqing City which is near the famous national scenery--Yandang Mountain.The transportation is

          quite convenient. The National Express Way and No.104 High Way go across the town,and it is only 50 kilonetres away from

          Wenzhou Airport.There are 600 employees in the company,100 technicians and supervisors,among them,there are 10 senior

          engineers with rich manufactruing experience.The company possesses advanced producing and test equipments.With the

          strong technology,we have the capability of designing,developing and manufacturing new products.

          The company always insists the purpose "Based on technology,Satisfy the customers and keep improvement."In 2001,We

          established quality management system based on GB/T 19001:ISO9001-2000 and was approved in 2004.We have success fully

          implemented the management in the enterprise guide,administration,resources distribustion,raw material

          purchasing,processing,test and measurement,defects dealing,corrective and improving measures and after-sale service,etc.For

          the complete quality management system,the company is growing healthily and rapidly.
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