Creating Differentiation

Apple knows that even with this Intel chip switch, it’s not going to go around talking about chips and what’s inside the box.  The company builds on the differentiation it’s already found from its software, which combines with the design of the machine. – Dan Kusnetzky

Differentiation has long been one of the most important things for media to use, and one of the most difficult to achieve.  Could it be that we spend too much time trying to differentiation factually, when really we should be doing it emotionally?

When the airline Germanwings (no, it’s not a new type of hot wing) wanted to differentiate themselves from the competition, they decided to do something called a plane-mob.  Boarding another airlines flight, individuals started holding up word bubbles, and held a conversation right behind the flight attendants backs, that created value for Germanwings.  Of course it has also hit YouTube and around a quarter-million people have viewed it there.