What Is New Media?

In the name of progress, our official culture is striving to make new media to do the work of the old.” – Marshall McLuhan

“We’re getting into new media.”

You hear that a lot these days.  Much of the time it means the web site has been updated, or that they have a blog in support of their station.  But here’s the question, is it new media if it’s only purpose is to support old media?

Dove obviously understands this fine distinction with their Campaign For Real Beauty.

A web site for what the consumer is interested in, not what Dove is interested in.  A connection with their family, but Dove still get’s the credit.  KTIS radio in Minneapolis see’s the benefit too.

Why not be a connecting resource for helping the community?  Even Tootsie Roll is getting in on the new media path, with the most subtle, yet clear, link to the product.  Still, they make sure it’s the consumer that’s highlighted.

Gotta love that “Motherhood is full of twists and turns.”

What’s your “consumer” most interested in?  Can you link that to what your radio station is all about?  Then you’re starting to understand one important part of “new media.”