Americans Watch 28.1B Online Videos in Feb. ‘10

Actually, I would love to make a music video. Maybe it would finally put to rest those persistent rumors that have followed me throughout my career – particularly when I was on camera performing – that I had died. – Perry Como

Radio doesn’t just mean the radio business any more. Technology is allowing us to be in the video business if we want. Given the statistics it might be a good idea.

Americans watched 28.1 billion online videos in February 2010, according to previous findings of the comScore Video Metrix service. Google Sites accounted for roughly four in 10 online videos viewed, with users watching 11.9 billion videos on Google Sites in February 2010. represented more than 99% of videos viewed on the property.

More than 174 million viewers watched an average of 161 videos per viewer during February 2010. Google Sites attracted 133.2 million unique viewers during the month (93.9 videos per viewer). Following were Yahoo Sites with 53.5 million viewers (8.5 videos per viewer) and CBS Interactive with 45.3 million viewers (6.4 videos per viewer).

YouTube is, of course, free and easily accessible. Any radio station can have a YouTube channel. Most of us have some form of video camera. But do we have the top two commodities to make this happen? Time and focus.

Those two may really be the same thing. Maybe we’d take the time if we were able to put out minds toward what it really means to think “video” as well as radio. What I know is that the Internet has become more about video than radio, and we can be a part of it if we want.