Control Vs. Viral

“There is early evidence of a more pragmatic recognition that value is shifting. With a recasting of the value proposition with respect to content, it becomes less necessary to over-control the content itself, more useful to have that content widespread, and increasingly possible to recoup more revenue on value-added services built around the content and its community of use.”  Paul Miller, technology evangelist for the United Kingdom-based company, Talis

While that quote is a bit to get through, it’s also important to our glimpse into the future.  What it says in simple terms is that it’s more important to have your content move around the Internet than it is to try to control it.  Once upon a time you’d see the @ sign on the Internet indicating copyright and threats if you were to use it.  Now you’re more likely to see “share this,” and instructions for how to use it.

CBS in LA is doing something I like.  Ampradio ( is the most integrated radio/web 2.0 approach I’ve seen so far.  The content on the web site is updated frequently, and there’s always a reason to come back to see what’s new.  Since the web site is designed on a blog platform, it’s easy to update and the listeners can comment on almost everything on the site.

Most radio stations, however, and a stogy web 1.0 approach and strategy.  You have to wait for the web department to update something, and the emphasis is on design – how pretty it is – rather than function.  It’s a static magazine instead of something interactive.  It’s old news.

Ampradio is on it’s way to mastering one of the four points necessary to create a future – they are connecting the listener with the station.  I look forward to watching how they develop it.